Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 472?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 472 😬

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Tips About Psychic And Spiritual Abilities

We are all aware that there are people on this planet that have talents, abilities, and skills that the rest of the population does not possess. Psychics, mediums, clairvoyant individuals, all of these people have skills of interpretation, intuition, and insight, that the rest of us either do not have.

What Your Body Can Tell You About Your True Beliefs

Ascension anchors and embraces another level of spiritual awareness and brings beliefs hidden in the subconscious mind to the surface where they can be healed. Learn how your body is a mirror to help you release debilitating beliefs about yourself.

Do We Create Our Own Reality Or Are We Divinely Guided?

How much effort do we have to put into our lives to steer them in the direction we want to go? And to achieve the results we desire? I’m sitting here in my bed, sick with a cold.

Do Not Let What Was Intended to Inspire and Encourage, Depress, or Make Feel Unworthy or Useless!

In one’s reading, there are times when we come across the sayings or thoughts of others and we just wish we could remember and recall what was said. We hold onto the gist of their expressions and sometimes that is sufficient. But men can make powerful statements intended to inspire and motivate and encourage and it is possible that the opposite happens. Yes, there will always be that desire for more prayer and deeper prayer and more intense prayer and closer communion with Jesus Christ the Saviour and Lord, but we do give thanks for what we have experienced and what we have enjoyed.

Sharing, Giving and Stewardship

I am honored to share my thoughts and perspective of the idea of “Stewardship”. We have all heard the word and what it means…

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