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The Christ Consciousness

You may have heard the words ‘The Christ Consciousness’. It sounds spiritual, doesn’t it? Here’s what it means in a simple-to-understand way.

The Spirituality and Logistics of Life Changing Events

It is said that fire symbolizes transformation. Water symbolizes cleansing. Wind symbolizes clearing.

Men in Ministry, Get Out of the Boat

Getting out of the boat is obedience. Serving the Lord is going to be uncomfortable. Obedience is uncomfortable when it disrupts our agenda. Truly it is not obedience unless it is disruptive. Obedience is required to be instant and complete. Obedience brings great result and great blessings!

What Is Consciousness? Insight Into the Mind of God

Consciousness is the very foundation of the universe, and existed prior to the Big Bang. Here we delve into what Consciousness is and why it is as important as life itself. On the way we visit the Mind of God.

Finding Your Own Spiritual Aura

How can you find your own spiritual aura? Learn step-by-step guided meditations that help you experience your deeper spiritual dimension. Learn to transcend the limits of this material world, and uncover your own spiritual essence.

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