Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 476?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 476 😬

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What Can One Individual Do to Help When There Is a New Famine or Disaster or a Dire Need?

With so many serious emergencies and disasters occurring all around us at fairly regular intervals what can we do and what are we to do? In Kenya, there have been various emergencies over these few years, and that is apart from the on-going appalling lives of men and women and children in the slums. Having been in these slums on my last five visits to Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu, it has been challenging to try and take in the massive nature of what these dead ones face day in and day out. There is no respite.

Submitting to the Call

It astounds me how God will call on us at a time in our lives when we feel that we are not ready. But are we truly ever ready when our number has been pulled by God? He may not call all of us to the office of a prophet, but God has called us all to fulfill a specific purpose for our lives.

What Is It Like to Be a Guardian of a Human Size Crystal Skull? Part II

We continue with the story of “Rosalita”, a two piece human size rose quartz skull made by a master carver in China. What it takes to take this crystal skull from place to place and keep “her” safe. Some of the amazing experiences we have had with this skull since she first came to us in October of 2011.

Are You Required To Work If You Don’t Have To?

In an initial affair of the heart with the Infinite in the path of meditation those who want to advance spiritually forsake the course of action feeling it be unnecessary to work. This of course makes the man or…

Meditating on the Glory of the Gospel

What is the gospel? Paul gives us his summary statement in I Corinthians 15:3-4:

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