Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 477?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 477 😬

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I Feel Stupid

There I go again, doing that same annoying thing I tried to stop doing. It frustrates me beyond reason.

Your Soul’s Journey

Many people struggle with questions about the meaning of life and have trouble feeling fulfilled when faced with our mortality. Having recently read books by experts on past-life regression, Bryan Weiss and Michael Newton, I recommend these works as not only fascinating but inspirational regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Do Your Thoughts Rule Over You Or Do You Rule Over Them

Thoughts, the creation of the world depended on it, every thing we see today are the thoughts and imagination of other people. New things happen every day whether good or bad, genius or silly because of the thoughts of people. Thoughts can make the best of you and at the same time make you a nuisance not only to yourself but as well as those in your world and the entire society.

Soul Training: Quick Tip – How To Connect With Spirit Helpers

There are times in our lives when we crave to dive deeper into our spirit self. Especially at times of bereavement or some life shock, we can begin to notice that our lives are tenuous. And that can spark a search for understanding, ‘what is beyond’ us?

Soul Training: How To Access God Force Directly

Today I’d like to introduce to you a short cut – direct – to experiencing GOD FORCE. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are! The sun is shining, the clouds are racing across the sky, even if it’s raining – we’re STILL lucky.

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