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Why God Doesn’t Answer Prayers

Many people believe that God does not answer prayers. But what if He does? What if there is a part you must play and you just didn’t know it? What would it mean to you to know that God WOULD answer your prayer? Read on.

Spirituality’s Magnificent Seven

Seven magnificent things God gives us. The power at our admission of our need for help, nurture in his love, blessing to live for his glory, the ability to study his Word, the privilege to serve in his Kingdom, and the capacity for and enjoyment of rest.

How to Do Pranayama

Yoga and meditation – Yoga asana helps to unite your body mind and spirit so that you can proceed towards the spiritual path of life in a harmonious way. Spirituality does not require you to discard your wealth and worldly life; rather it enhances your experiences in every field. Pranayama is that sacred path to spiritual upliftment and moments of bliss in an otherwise ordinary life.

The Unshakable Power of Femininity

Many people see femininity as being weak and bending to someone else’s will. It’s quite the contrary. Femininity is about having the power of winds and oceans which can shape any cliffs and mountains. It is about having such fluidity that it becomes unshakable, unstainable and unpredictable. Does water bend to the will of boats, or do boats follow the flow of water? Does the wind bend to the will of cliffs, or does it shape the cliffs?

3 Ways to Improve Your Karma

Empower yourself with three practical ways that will help you improve your karma each day. Discover how you can learn from observing other people, and how you can learn from the karmic lessons of your own life history. Release your fears about karma, and use each day to progress spiritually.

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