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Developing A Forgiving Heart

It is a basic fact that when we forgive others we free ourselves from internal bondage of the heart. While we relate with people, it is inevitable that offenses will come. But we must understand that our attitudes determines the impact of the offense on us. The impact may be negative or positive, but we have the choice to choose the right attitude in the way we relate with those that offend us. This brief article is to help us develop a forgiving heart irrespective of the offense committed against us.

Striking a New Trail – Catalytic Action Towards Happiness for All

This beautiful, blue marble of a planet is racing through space with great dignity. Do we match it in dignity and deserve to belong to this planet? Obviously, We don’t! The reasons are clear too. Can we bring in a new dimension to this scenario? Getting out of the conventional rut, one can discover deeper aspects of life that can help streamline one’s life. Sensing the difference between joy and satisfaction is brought out as an important aspect of living with vibrancy.

Truth Or Lies: Bible Truth Says If We Live In False Beliefs, We Actually Live In Unbelief

Repenting of sin is a good thing. It clears our minds and hearts, and allows us to relate to God, and connect with him more fully. But sin is not the real issue, as we lawyers would say. It is a sub-issue. The real issue is gospel Bible belief. If our focus is sin we are living in a false belief: a half lie. Even I John 1:9 doesn’t mean what we most often believe it does (but that is not the subject here – that is yet another false belief!!) When we live in gospel Bible truth, we live in the power of God.

Spiritual and Psychic Development – The Essentials

Opening up to spiritual and psychic awareness is exciting, but can also be bewildering and confusing. Here are the essential things you need to know for safe spiritual and psychic development.

Connecting For Kingdom Purposes: Saint to Saint

Kingdom purposes are accomplished through kingdom people. Kingdom people are those that God has chosen to be his workmanship (Ephesians 2:10) to bring forth good works which God prepared in advance for his people to do. This work is to accomplish His plan in the earth as He wills for each person.

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