Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 483?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 483 😬

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How Belief In Jesus Stops Communication With God

Is your belief in Jesus preventing your communication with God? Discover how your faith in Christianity may be undermining your faith in Jesus and getting in the way of your relationship with God.

What Is Life For?

Mankind has always wondered why we are alive. Is it to gain wealth, become famous, and be the best at what we do? Are we here to seek pleasure, have parties, and get an education? We are not here to glorify ourselves, but God. Our Creator put us here for his purpose. Our role is to live according to his instructions so that we can fulfill the purpose he has for us.

Should You Have a Teacher for Chakra Awakening or Go It Alone?

Chakra awakening is a highly controversial subject, with two distinctly divergent schools of thought, and the answer might be, pro or con, depending upon how you look at it. Should you attempt a Chakra opening by yourself, or should you have an experienced instructor to help you?

We Are the New Adam and Eve

We are entering into a time that has been spoken of for thousands of years. This time has been called the Apocalypse, the New Age, the Golden Age and the End of the World. But for those of us who understand the message of the Mayas and of the indigenous peoples of the world we know this time to be one of new beginnings and endings.

Gettin’ Nekkid

It’s time for me – and I’d suggest for ALL of us – to really get naked (not literally, except with a willing partner, of course). This is not a retro throwback to free love I’m advocating. What I’m doing today is I’m getting emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually naked.

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