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How to Experience Growth From Other People’s Misfortunes

The Germans have a word for being pleased with others’ misfortune, schadenfreude. This is a usual experience among people who have not learned to grow through other people’s misfortune. In this article you will learn how to experience growth from other people’s misfortune. When this happens you will no longer need the word schadenfreude to describe yourself, whether you are a German or not.

Men in Ministry, Pardon the Interruption

God has a plan for us. We do not know the plan until He chooses to reveal it to us.Therefore we all need to be available for Him to interrupt our schedule for His plan. It so obvious when I write it and read it. God, the creator of the universe, who know all things has the better plan. Pardon the Interruption!

Who Is Responsible For Securing Peace In Your Life Today?

Do you desire to enjoy everlasting peace in your life? Peace is an awesome virtue that everybody desires to have; though the world is seriously lacking it presently. This peace is very much available, but the question is who is responsible for securing it in your life today?

The Root Cause Of No Peace Of Mind

Peace has eluded many people today. Some of them have done all manner of things in attempts to find peace to no avail. Many solutions are available but are only temporary. You cannot find lasting solution to no peace without identifying the root cause of it. This article states the main cause of lack of peace in nations or people’s lives.

Are You Spiritual or Religious – Or Neither?

Defining our viewpoints on matters of divinity can be confusing today. In the classic question of spirituality vs religion, where do you identify yourself? Are we limiting ourselves unconsciously by defining ourselves as either/or?

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