Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 490?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 490 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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The Mindfulness Meditation Retreat: Your Most Powerful Tool for Spiritual Development

People who attend spiritual retreats are usually far more advanced than those who don’t. At a mindfulness meditation retreat, you will make years worth of progress in just a matter of days, and continue progressing faster when you return home. This article explains how the retreat gets its power of healing and transformation.

The Barren Law of God

Following the law to please God is useless. Only grace works.

Prayer of Salvation

We all need Jesus in our lives. Without Him, we will not make it. Jesus is the bridge that connects us to the Father. Our Father in heaven holds all of the resources that we need to make it here on earth and to make it to heaven.

Soul Training – How To Start Developing Your Spiritual Growth

You may feel it is time to develop your spiritual self and are not sure how to start. After 34 years as a spiritual advisor, it is my pleasure to offer you some tips that may help you begin this wonderful self-nourishing journey. You may already have begun exploring your spiritual nature and are feeling to go even deeper.

What Are You, Religious or Spiritual?

I was raised Catholic and, while I like some aspects of the faith, I was always quite unsettled that my Mother and Stepfather were never seen as married in the eyes of the Catholic church because my Mother and Father couldn’t afford to have an annulment when they got divorced. We were really poor and so food on the table for my very young sister and I was a priority over an annulment.

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