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3 Spiritual Experiences That Will Change Your Life Forever

I remember the very first time I had an out of body experience. I was lying in bed… gazing up at the ceiling, pondering a work related project problem I wasn’t enthused to deal with the next day. Being totally awake, alert and pretty well accustomed to insomnia when I had a lot on my plate, I was totally NOT anticipating what would happen next.

Examine Your Life and Discover the Truth About Yourself

Do you know who you are or why you are conscious and alive? The fact is you are under control of a cosmic power that is not part of your physical body. All the organs of your body function under the influence of a stimulus or energy which does not involve conscious volition. This vital energy, which operates through every cell of your flesh and bones, is the spirit force in humans. Spirit energy is the supreme driving force of human nature. It also gives power and vitality to the human soul.

Belief in the Afterlife – What Does Heaven Look Like?

I often meditate on what will happen when our Souls decide to leave this Earth Walk to return to Source. What will happen? What will we experience and will it be what we expected?

Jesus Is The Doer Of The Word

I want to talk about James 1: 22 -25.Β It has been quoted a lot by people who think that they are actually doing the word, to condemn those that they perceive are not.

Spiritual Truth Should Inspire And Motivate And Cause Us To Have That Desired Closer Walk With God

Over the weeks and months and perhaps even years, we remember outstanding things we have heard or read and sometimes we do not remember and recall them exactly and accurately but we manage to hold on to that kernel of truth and inspiration. We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.

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