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Hope for the Future

The world can be a rough place, especially for those just entering adulthood. Learning the power of prayer and having a deep personal spirituality can help us have hope for the future.

Seeing From God’s Perspective

It is easy to see life through our own eyes. The way that we see things is not necessarily the way that god sees things. We look at things from what we see with the natural eye and what we hear. God looks at the heart and makes a judgment from there. How does God see you?

Scriptures For Confidence – Messages For Improving Yourself

Are you looking to the Scriptures to give you confidence? Are you searching for messages there for improving yourself? Maybe you do not feel confident in conversing with others, in addressing a crowd, or in attempting to do something. You feel your palms are cold and your knees seem to shake when you face people. There is hope for you from the Scriptures.

How to Pray – The Benefits of Having a Good Relationship With God

All Christians must know how to pray to benefit from the relationship with God. Prayer is the only way to talk to the heavenly father and without it, the relationship is unhealthy. Having a good relationship with God is very important if you want to grow and mature in things of God.

The Importance of Knowing How to Pray

Heaven won’t bring anything good if you don’t know how to pray. The reason many Christians don’t receive anything from God is that they have not learnt the principles of prayer like Jesus taught his disciples. Christians pray and hope that God will answer them one day. How are you a Christian if you don’t know how to pray effectively?

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