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How to Start Living Your Perfect Life

Have you ever wondered why things happen in your life as they do? Do you ever ask yourself, why is this happening to me? Does life anger, confuse or frustrate you with what it throws at you sometimes? If you are human, and are honest with yourself, then you will most definitely answer yes to all the above questions. We all desire to know the answer to this enigmatic question, “are the events in our life random, or is there something greater taking place that we cannot naturally see?” The answer, in reality, is a lot simpler and easier to grasp than we would originally think.

Can Prayer Make God Change His Mind?

Considering the examples in this article, I believe that God knows ahead of time, plans ahead of time, and causes US to change OUR minds as we interact with Him. Maybe a good answer would be, try it and see for yourself!

The Worst Word Curses Aren’t From Witches and Satanists

The bible teaches that in the tongue is the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). It is a powerful force for good and evil, for blessings or curses. Word curses can come from different sources, but the most damaging ones come from those close to us: relatives and family.

How to Find Your True Life Purpose

What percentage of people do you think are really doing what they want with their lives? How many of your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or even people you meet in passing seem happy, fulfilled and energized with the path they are pursuing?

Trust in Prayer

Our thoughts and beliefs greatly affect our health and everything we experience in life. The way to bring about any outward change is to reprogram the mind to think higher thoughts.

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