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Daily Devotions Can Change Your Life

Simple practices done daily can make big changes. The ancient practice of daily devotions may be the most important ingredient in changing your life. Thousands can attest to the benefits of this energizing habit. It will enable you to transform your life faster than you will believe. Consistency will be your most difficult battle and keeping a daily prayer journal may help. The person who practices this habit 10 or 15 a day will reap the rewards for a lifetime.

Do You Believe Timing Is Everything? Discover The Hidden Truth

Many people try to live their lives by the idea that timing is everything. Discover the hidden truth found in this concept that is guaranteed to transform your life.

There Is Only One God

There is only one God! He is the God of all! Your god is the wrong god! Yet some of you Blessed enough may have the right God! No one religion has a monopoly on the Creator; not Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism or any other religion. Ignorant religious adherence is man’s greatest obstacle! Yet, you cannot reach God without devoted religious practice! Regardless of your religious faith, you can still get to know God! All masters of every religion have delivered the same message!

How Can I Integrate The Spiritual Energies That I Am Feeling?

How do you integrate the spiritual energies that you are feeling? The planet is awakening spiritually, and the higher vibrations are affecting you. You are feeling curious new energies in your body and mind. Learn the steps that you can take to center yourself now.

How Karma Hurts or Helps

Have you observed that some of the same kinds of things keep happening in your life? Perhaps you have experienced money problems repeating, relationship struggles resurfacing, or health issues returning. This is because there is continuity to the energies you expended in the past and they continue to affect you until they are altered by new energies or until they run their course and exhaust themselves. This is called the Law of Continuance.

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