Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 506?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 506 😬

Practical Spirituality or Defensive Personality – Are We Really Spiritual Beings?

Are we really more than a bunch of chemicals mixed up and shaped into a human form? Are we spiritual beings? A personal reflection on what makes us tick!

Prayer the Celtic Christianity Way?

Learning how to pray used to be the foundation of the Celtic church. Teaching meditation and contemplation from open monasteries. This is one simple introduction to engaging with prayer that isn’t just a lot of words.

7 Secrets To Better Bible Reading

Owning a Bible is not to everyone’s taste, let alone reading the thing. Here are 7 secrets that might make reading and understanding the Bible a whole lot easier.

How to Pick a Good Spiritual Advisor

People have been mystified by the Spiritual world for eons. From the ancient Babylonians to your average Joe looking to bet a few bucks on a sporting event, people have looked to the Esoteric for guidance and answers. Once upon a time, kings had “Seers” and villages had Shaman. Today we have 900 numbers and anyone with the internet and a telephone can claim to be a mystic. Unfortunately, many of today’s “seers” are not what they claim to be. So how does one tell for certain if they are dealing with a true Spiritual Advisor or a fraud?

Occupy Jehovah’s Witnesses: When The 0.1% Are The 99.9%

Only 0.1% of the world’s population claim to be part of a unique religious organisation. But, like a series of Russian dolls, there are circles within circles.

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