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The Law of Forgiveness

The ‘Law of Forgiveness’ states: We cannot be forgiven until we forgive others. As long as we harbour negative thoughts of anger, judgement, hatred and intolerance against others we cannot be happy simply because while we harbour those feelings we feel the results of them.

What Is an Empath?

What does it mean to be an “empath”? Does it mean I’m psychic? Or does it simply mean that I’m incredibly sensitive to the emotional feelings of others? Are empaths more likely to be really “good” people? Do they have any other natural gifts or sensitivities that are noteworthy? And how do empaths actually USE their gifts in the real world to make a difference, or an impact in the places that they live?

Paul – Thank God for the Silent Years

The account, according to Paul, is that he was a persecutor of Christians, he converted on the way to Damascus whereupon he went off to Arabia, then returned to Damascus and spent three years there before going up to Jerusalem to “get acquainted” with Peter for two weeks. He sees no one else. He then disappears into Syria and Cilicia for an undisclosed number of years – the silent years.

Your Sins Are Forgiven

Jesus did not say, “Your sins are going to be forgiven.” They were not waiting for this man to engage in one awe-inspiring act – for which we shall all forever be indebted to him – in order for sins to be forgiven. He said, “Your sins are forgiven.” The forgiveness was ever present. It was always, forever, always had been, and always would be.

On The Importance Of Cherry-Picking From The Bible

These are just a few of the reasons why it is so necessary to “cherry-pick” from the Bible. It is imperative that we sort our way through this tangle of words, if only to make it truly applicable to ourselves. Unless we can learn to separate the sweet from the bitter, the ripe from the rotten, have we any chance of finding our way back to God.

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