Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 512?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 512 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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Emptiness Or Fullness – Which One Is The True Nature Of The Universe?

Were the ancient sages correct when they said that your true nature is infinite divine light, or fullness? Or is the ancient understanding that your essential nature is emptiness the correct understanding? Discover the curiously wonderful unity between fullness and emptiness, and let yourself discover the mysterious reality of your true nature.

Thoughts From The Box – “It Can’t Be!”

I am at a unique place right now in my life. I’ve seen some vast development in my spirituality, however I am still maturing into the person God intended me to be. I’m saying this because I was just convicted. (OK, I promise you won’t see my face on “America’s Most Wanted” but no, really, the spirit of the Lord has convicted me of a sin that I believe most of us have committed).

Living Vertically

Human existence starts with babyhood, when we have to “learn” everything from adults who have completely lost connection with their own deeper dimensional self, their soul. What often happens, before we know it, we find ourselves completely engaging the linear. We are completely hypnotized by the linear world and its worldview.

Cosmic Awareness And Your Unique Life Path

Your unique spiritual path is distinct from any other path, because it based on your individual expression of universal truth. When your inner compass — your cosmic awareness — guides you, you follow the path of higher truth in your own appropriate way.

A Logical Way to Face Death

Here are 9 sentences forming a sequence of logic that will eliminate fear and anxiety about death. It will give you peace and resolve.

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