Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 517?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 517 😬

Are Some People Truly Evil? Part 1

Discover the answer to the question about whether some people are truly evil. You will find that there is a much deeper story about the soul development process in so-called evil people, and how the soul has to go through challenges as it evolves. You will also learn about the powers of compassion that you are learning from observing people in the world.

Where Is My Inner Wisdom Within Me?

Where is your inner wisdom located within you? How can you distinguish that wisdom from false wisdom? How can you trust your inner wisdom? Learn how to work with your inner wisdom in a centered way.

God Can’t Be Found in the Computer Screen, Even Less in the Smart Phone – Just Look Skyward!

We cannot lock God up. This is what the digital age actually does, whether deliberately or otherwise.

The Secrets to The Law of Attraction – Re-Examined

Why do bad things happen to good people like you? What is the secret power of your thoughts and emotions and how what you feel about yourself and the universe around you has a lot to do with what you are and are not, what you have or have not. What is the secret of creation? How you can attract and manifest more of what you really want in life. How spirit and matter are inextricably connected – know the secret of that connection and how it’s impacting your life on daily basis! How to manifest that wonderful relationship, abundance and peace in your life. How to be a wise and powerful co-creator.

Is Critical Thinking OK – Or Am I Just Being Judgmental?

One teacher tells you to be non-judgmental, and another teacher tells you to think more clearly. Are you confused by these contradictory teachings? Learn how you can be a loving, non-judgmental person, while also practicing healthy critical thinking skills.

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