Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 518?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 518 😬

My Daily Battle With Faith

God reveals treasure, promises and dreams on His time table. Do not abandon the treasures just because you have not seen it yet.

Church of The Living God

The church of the living God is the center of all sorts of controversies and human opinions. Despite these, the house of God remains the most essential place in the life of a born again believer. I am fully aware that the Lord can meet us at any place that we set aside to seek him but this doesn’t replace the house of God. Right from the Old Testament times when God wanted to speak to his people, they were always called to assemble in a chosen place for this purpose. The church is a place where believers dedicate unto God and come together on regular basis to worship God and have fellowship one with another. Here are six guiding principles of the church of the living God.

The Real Jesus

We live in a world of copycats, clones, fakes, pseudonyms, counterfeits and deceits. There’s a tidal wave of counterfeit divine personalities. The Bible says that there will be an avalanche of false prophets with false signs and wonders. You really need to seek hard to know who the real Jesus is. Many Christian denominations have managed to survive on historical and theological Jesus. This article seeks to identify the characteristics of the real Jesus.

What Do Rosary Beads Mean to Me?

When I was younger and living in a deprived area of Glasgow in Scotland. I would rarely see anyone with rosary beads. The parish priest would have them. He was an older man probably only in his late fifties but as a child you struggle to judge age and to us kids, this man was definitely over one hundred.

Did GOD Lie To Me?

Before I proceed further I must warn everyone that this article deals with a very sensitive matter. However, if you maintain an open mind there is a lot of insight that you can gain. We all know that the power of belief is extraordinary. How many times have we heard of people overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds due to belief?

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