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Spiritual Gifts In The Church

The body of Christ cannot function effectively without the proper operation of spiritual gifts in the church. There is a sharp controversy about the gifts of the spirit and the initial evidence of being filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The initial evidence of being filled with the Holy Ghost is to speak in unknown tongues as the spirit gives utterance. This is the sign that you’ve received the same experience that the Apostles and the early church had. See Acts 10: 45-47. The Lord has poured out his spirit upon millions of souls worldwide, across all denominational boundaries. The problem is the lack of the functionality of these spiritual gifts in the church.

How to Live Fulfilled and Leave a Legacy, Starting Today

Are you living fulfilled? If not you are missing out on a great opportunity to change your life, and the lives of others. Living fulfilled is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Three Steps by Which We Measure Our Faith in God

God is a spirit and we worship him only in truth and in spirit. The fact is we would never be able to tell what level of faith we have before God. Faith in God through our lord and savior Jesus Christ is by grace granted to us by God. One man may be given the task of delivering a message from one city to another and another the task of defeating a lion. To each is a job to be fulfilled so neither can claim to be more faithful than the other as it is God’s decision for the type of task to accomplish and the level of faith granted to us to do so. However in doing this task we can take score of our own personal growth of faith before God to encourage us along this endless journey. Progress begets progress and if we can recognize this in ourselves then we can push harder to become better sheep for our Lord.

Four Key Factors That Help Strengthen Our Prayers to God

Prayers are our moments of truth with God. Prayers are our means of communicating our thoughts to God and letting him know our true desires. Prayers are done in truth, in spirit, in need, in gratitude and in many other ways as the mind and heart succumbs to all the different situations we face in life. However like everything in life prayers depend on how we feel.

How to Recognize God’s Gifts to Us

In spite of who we are there is nothing more pleasant than receiving a gift especially if it is from a loved one. It becomes a memory stored within our hearts and minds to be remembered of the good times we had. Gifts tend to change our day from bad to good and give us hope and courage for better times. Gifts from God are life-changing encounters, as they do not only give us hope and courage for better times but can make a difference to our entire existence. In order to have this life changing experience and build upon this hope and courage to lead us to a more fulfilled existence we must be able to recognize these gifts from God.

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