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Three Languages We All Understand That We Have Never Heard Before

Sometimes we listen to people speak a foreign language to ours and wonder what they are saying. Our knowledge in society can sometimes tell us by the appearance of the people what language they speak. Sometimes we may have a heard a word or two and can distinguish where these people are from.

How to Bring Our Loved Ones to Jesus

Many of us find it easier to go up to complete strangers and talk about our faith, about the word of God and what it has done for us. The reason why it is easy to carry out this task is because whatever the outcome of our discussion we do not have to live with these people our entire lives. If they receive us it is for their benefit and if not then we can shake the dust off our feet and move on with our lives. The fact remains that we did our job and there is very little we can do after this. Unfortunately things are not so easy with loved ones. They are the people we see every day, sleep and wake up together with and so whether we like it or not they are harder to ignore.

Psychic Detection

If you watch TV or pick up a paperback sooner or later you are bound to come across a psychic detective (a psychic detective is a person who investigates crimes by using their claimed paranormal psychic abilities). The first psychic detective appeared as early as 1897 in the form Flaxman Low who was invented by mother and son writing team Kate and Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard.

Awesome Wonder – God, His Name and His Works

Do you ever experience what might be called “awesome wonder?” In this article Dr. John Harbison talks about the idea of awesome wonder in relation to some of the things the Bible calls awesome.

Do Less, Think and Feel More

In a world crammed with information we are ironically compelled toward action and against thinking. Just to keep up with all the information we act without thinking.

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