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A Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson XVIII

Treat each other as equally as Christ accepted you all equally unto His salvation. As also we have received such inestimable blessings through the Holy Spirit, always keep in mind that all these things bring greater glory to God.

A Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson XVI

What is the responsibility of the ruler? He has power entrusted to him, but not to oppress or terrorize the law – abiding and peaceful. He is to bring the wicked to justice. This is done for the overall benefit of the community. Your guide must be to live according to the laws, expecting that the ruler or magistrate will rule according to those same laws. This will bring you praise instead of blame. This assumes that the ruler himself is a good person.

Getting a Closer Relationship With Jesus

Getting closer to Jesus, and understanding the bible better. I started reading a daily devotional book every morning, called Jesus calling. It provides scripture references after every reading.

The Frequency of the God Particle or Brahmon

Characteristic of Brahmon is absolute, almighty, eternal, infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, ultimate and the whole. One Brahmon, one basic element, one law and one divine consciousness to which the whole creation moves/works.

A Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson XVII

The kingdom of God on earth consists of those who have joined the Church of His Son, as His children and joint heirs with Christ. It is far above any disputing over what we eat or drink. It is concerned with righteousness, forgiveness of sins and holiness of heart and life. Also, peace in the soul from God’s mercy and blessing, and joy in the Holy Spirit. The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit and this unto eternity. This is spiritual happiness and joy. No matter the background, the person who has believed God and received these things is now acceptable to God. Therefore his whole frame of mind, his words, and actions must also be acceptable to God and approved of men. He who labors for the public good, and lives honestly, and justly, will generally be respected.

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