Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 528?๐ŸŒŒ The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 528 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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The Book of Revelation – The Vivid Dreams Of A Tormented Soul

As far as the Acts of the Apostles is concerned, John more or less drops out around chapter 8. He doesn’t reappear in the scriptures until some sixty years later. Here’s why: John had never seen the resurrected Christ.

666 – The Mark of the Beast

In this article you will see the mark of the beast that’s talked about in Revelations in a whole new light. What if the mark isn’t a physical mark at all? What if it was all about your thought and actions? These are some of the question brought up in this article. Hope you enjoy reading this article and free your mind.

How Can You Have a Real Spiritual Experience?

You would like to have a real spiritual experience, and you have a sense of what this would be, having read accounts of mystics, psychics, dreamers, metaphysical experts, and spiritual specialists of all kinds. It would seem that a proper spiritual experience makes contact with a subtle level of awareness, or a deeper level of reality. But you have recognized that it is not enough to simply read about such things. This becomes especially clear when you begin to have your own explorations, because it brings up the wonderfully mysterious issue that will beguile you as you delve ever-deeper into matters metaphysical…

Unlock the Power of Prayer

Take a look at your prayer life. What sort of things do you pray about? Have you noticed that the nature of your prayer requests reveal the conditions of your heart?

With Humanity Going Through So Many Challenges, What Can You Really Do To Make A Difference?

When you look at the world, do you wonder whether you can do anything to make a difference, amidst all the world’s challenges? In fact, there is something real and positive that you can do, and a simple shift in your consciousness can raise the vibrations that you are contributing to the world. This simple shift can also raise your vibration so that you can release stress, and find creative solutions to problems more effectively.

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