Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 529?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 529 😬

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Where Does Your Soul Live?

Discover where your soul lives. Explore the nature of your soul, and learn how you can access the love, wisdom, and embracing energy of your soul. Learn the amazing connection between sensing your soul, and sensing your physical body.

Why Are You Still Affected by Your Old Emotions?

Why are you still affected by your old emotions — if the planet is entering an era of higher spiritual awareness? The emerging higher consciousness on the planet is supposed to be freeing you from lower consciousness, isn’t it?

What Happens After Death?

It is living in another dimension—the spiritual world. God is spirit and Jesus said that we will be like the angels in heaven. Job, speaking by inspiration, stated that after my flesh and this body has been destroyed, I will see God. We know little about spirits, except that we will have none of the difficulties of the flesh and that our bodies will never wear out.

How Can You Maintain Your Personal Space?

Learn how to maintain your personal space, and find the deeper divine authenticity within your true self. These gentle guidelines help you discover and unify with your inner soul essence, and experience the world with fresh eyes.

Why Have You Been Feeling Distracted Lately?

Could the spiritually expansive energies of the planetary activations be making you feel distracted, overwhelmed, or confused? What to do? Discover how to center your attention so that you can benefit from the planetary activations, and move forward with ease and grace.

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