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Maximizing the Provisions of God

Some mountains in life are so massive they seem impossible to climb. But, they aren’t impossible! You can conquer any problem, rise above any let downs, exceed any goal, achieve any level of success and move any mountain, if you tap into the provisions of God!

Brokenness – The Mark Of Servant-Hood

There is a general negative message that is conveyed when we hear of something being broken. We borrow from it the idea of destruction, forceful entry, violent acts and disintegration of the physical components of the object in question. I am approaching brokenness in this article as the true mark of servant-hood. It’s important to have a positive spiritual perspective concerning this subject. Let’s explore three aspects of this attitude and see how these impact our lives.

True Discipleship for Former Muslims

True discipleship for those who once ascribed to the religion of Islam is radical discipleship. A radical commitment to follow and obey the Living Christ is a serious thing for Muslim background believers in Christ. The cost of discipleship, following and becoming like Christ, is extremely high for these individuals…

God Is The Perfection of All Things Seen And Unseen

Virtually all of my articles are channeled from the other side. This one came to me in the “first person” format, which is a rarity. Someone posed the question, “How do you see God?” The full message is the answer I received when I sat and tuned in to hear what my guides had to say on the subject. It fascinated me, both because of the simplicity and the visions of where God is in our lives.

Healing Via Inner Creative Emotional Acts

Spiritual healing has been known, through the ages, to provide ‘an answer’ for the desperate complaints of those afflicted mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And if there’s one common angle all disciplines adhere to it’s in simply facilitating the afflicted to a place where they may see their reality as it is; and find an imaginal way of seeing their reality differently that also works in real life. Every ‘problem’ is fixable.

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