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Understanding the Basic Elements of Inner Peace

Whether one practices spirituality or some other faith, attaining a grasp of our inner peace is crucial for personal happiness. This articles discusses the different elements that make up inner peace and the forms that they present themselves in.

Astral Projecting With Assistance of Binaural Music – Does Binaural Music Induce Astral Projection?

Astral projecting is a perfectly natural thing that people can do without assistance. The major hurdles that face people attempting astral travel for the first time are skepticism, self-doubt and actually letting go when the astral projection begins. But this article specifically is regarding the use of binaural recordings for astral traveling.

Reconciling Sin – Experiencing Restoration

The LORD is a holy God, and, because we are made in the image of God, we have been designed to obey the laws of the LORD. When we disobey, our consciences crucify us; unless they’ve already been seared.

Broken, Yet Acquitted

The paradox of the saved is an enigma, especially for those grappling with God. How can one person be so broken and, yet, be at peace? How do two realities that seem so diametrically opposed hang in suspension as truths in one person’s life?

For the Wounded Healer

The motive for the wounded healer is simple. They are ever thankful for the recognition of pain in others’ lives – a pain they must connect with. Beneath others’ pain reveals the pain of the wounded healer; a pain they’ve learned to embrace.

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