Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 534?๐ŸŒŒ The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 534 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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Lost Hope Is a Trick of Satan Called Depression

Depression is a satanic trick – My days are past, My purposes are broken off, Even the thoughts of my heart. Where then is my hope? As for my hope, who can see it?

Love Is: One Energy, Limitless Expressions

How could words ever express the full scope of what I mean when I speak of Love? Beyond definition, the energy of Love is everywhere and nowhere, all the time for infinity. It is your breath. It is your blood, the beating of your heart when you feel nervous or delighted, sad or enraged. Love is the horizon, a storm, the changing Earth, the night sky. Love is beaming from your own heart, illuminating everything and everyone around. It is in the glance or hug or smile or tear of every living being.

Our Trust and Faith in God

I have always pondered upon the fact of our relationship and connection with God. I am neither an orthodox religious scholar, nor a staunch religious priest, but I do believe that we share a very special bond with Him. Several times I have sensed a unique intimacy with Him. I don’t claim to be a saint or sage, but personally I feel my heart brimming with an enthralling sensation that makes one realize the reality of our existence. This realization takes me closer to Him and I feel elevated.

Who We Really Are

Do we know who we really are? Have we made any effort to find out our true self? Once we start knowing our true identity, peace and love engulf us.

A Glimpse at Atlantis, the Lost Continent

Since the dawn of time, Atlantis fascinates and inspires humankind. The tragic destiny of what was once considered one of the most golden eras of humankind is still a subject of interest to historians, archaeologists, geologists and scientists alike.

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