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What Is an Out of Body Experience?

A common question that I get emailed to me all the time is – What is an out of body experience? People what to know if they only happen to a person when they are seriously ill or injured or can they happen anytime? We commonly hear about out of body experiences from those people that have had a traumatic event in their life.

LORD, You Know Me

Our loving God searches us and knows us, whether we believe in the LORD or not. Our psychology is the proof. When we accept the inevitable, only then will we grow. It does us no good to refuse God.

Is It Possible to Have the Fear of Death Removed and Taken Away and How Might It Be Done?

Death is not a subject or topic which is much written about these days. I wonder why? Might it be because of fear? Do people fear death more than they may be willing to admit and so they might tend to run away from the very thought of it, never mind the mention of it. Jesus went through death and conquered death and He came to His disciples with peace and said “Fear not. Don’t be afraid. I am with you always.” Jesus Christ gives peace and He takes away fear. Do you know of any other ‘spiritual leader’ who comes near such wonder? Do you know of anyone else who offers such light and peace and comfort and encouragement for life’s challenging moments? Do you know of any other leader of any faith who is risen and living and ascended and alive? These are some of the glorious truths which make our Christ Faith absolutely unique.

Seeking Unity of the Human Family: A Contemporary Perspective of the Medicine Wheel

The Universal Human Family has come into creation because as individuals over time we have perceived life in a sense of duality. We believe what we can see, what we can taste, what we can hear, and what we can feel. We as a human family act as though we are not affected when we take from or give to the Universal energetic signature.

Are You Playing the Dating While Discerning Game? Get Out of the Confusion Now

Are you confused by trying to date while you discern? Get out of the confusion now and get some clarity. This solution’s not pretty, but it works.

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