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The Power to Move Mountains

Power to move mountains lies within every born again believer. Jesus has given us the power of the Holy Ghost to do exploits for his name sake. The reality and acceptance of certain natural things in life present a problem to us in understanding the extent of the power of Christ within us. Figuratively, there are some mountains in our lives that have become landmarks in our daily struggles, defeats, and frustrations. What can we do to move these mountains? Here are the keys:

Sin Vs Sin

There are two fundamental ways we can understand sin. The first is the traditional way, which views sin as some thought, word or deed that violates a known moral rule and results in punishment. The second way is to view sin as some thought, word or deed that violates a known moral rule that results in suffering. Which way is better?

What Is the Devil: Arcana XV?

The Devil has a special place in history and in the tarot deck. Representing nature and pride in the lower aspects of existence, those who are not comfortable with their own shadow prefer to think that it should be cast off.

The Object of Nada Yoga Is Transforming the Ego

A big part of our ceremony consists of something called Nada Yoga, or the Yoga of Sound. Nada Yoga is a very ancient tradition that developed along side of all Yoga, including Hatha Yoga, for centuries. Through the use of the voice, musical ragas (scales and songs), and the manipulation of the breath combined with movement, Nada Yoga affects the nervous system. It brings about a feeling of peace and relaxation and opens one to an encounter with the Divine. It brings one to a place of peace and stillness where one can actually hear the sound of the universe which exists at the center of our beings.

God Has Provided Your Healing

Healing and salvation are part of the same package. The same blood that brought salvation also brought healing. You have to see healing is a finished work of the cross.

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