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Embracing Spiritual Transformations

Taking a course of change is taking control of everything within our grasp. It’s all God asks of us – to take responsibility for our lives. This is achieved when we take opportunities for change and make them our own.

The True Meaning Of Tantra Worship

For any male student of tantra, the study and understanding of women is indispensable course material. No tantra teacher would proceed in his tantric instructions if he perceives that his student has not yet grasped the tender nuances of the female gender. If such a gap is perceived, it must first be filled – because a man who does not understand women will only objectify them.

Noah, the Ark, and Higher Consciousness

This week I want to address a story in the Bible that we all learned as children. It is the story of Noah and the ark. For those of us who haven’t studied much ancient history, this story appears-under different names with slightly different variations-in the history of cultures across multiple continents. So what’s the real meaning of this universal story?

Back to Basics 3 – Sense and Sensuality

The final part of a three part series called Back to Basics a series of articles on enlightenment. This is part three sense and sensuality, I hope you enjoy it.

Living Each Day With a Surge of Energy and Positive Mindset

As individuals, we must focus on making the most of the gift of life by way of positive reflection and use of our will power and inner strength, in an effort to live life to the fullest. A strong positive outlook to life and persistence in trying to live it the best way possible fills the inner soul with a happy sunshine and results in a spotless and radiant mind.

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