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God Is Really Great

This article is dedicated to those who underestimate the Greatness of God. I would like to urge the readers to take ALL your worries to Him. He always knows best. God always will help those who are prepared to put effort in to help themselves.

Waiting Patiently for Justice

It comes as a great comfort to us when we trust God to help us in our anger and exasperation. Justice does eventually come. Having a patient faith is infinitely better than becoming bitter and twisted.

A Very Present Salvation

The older we get the more we tend to hanker for heaven. Yet, there is an additional thought. The older we get the more we, also, lament the brevity of our lives.

Why the Universal Laws Are Important and How to Use Them for Spiritual Growth

Do you know how many universal laws there are? Or how they work? They are an ancient and truthful guide to living spiritually, as you’ll discover if you read on…

If There Is No Devil and No Enemy of Almighty God and Some Suggest That, Then Who Is Doing His Work?

Since the Garden of Eden there has been an attack upon the people of God by that enemy of God who goes by the name of the devil, and if the devil does not exist then who, on earth, is doing his work? Calvary, and what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, accomplished on Calvary, spells defeat for the devil. This is what is against us when we are on the side of Jesus Christ the Son of God. His attacks can be fierce and sore at times, although he is a defeated enemy. He is certainly having an influence over the western world in these present times, and I happen to be writing this just as Europe appears to be plunged into further chaos and confusion. Who do think is behind all that? We will need to wear the full armour of God, and to stand and to go on standing, knowing that you have eternal life and that you have been called by Jesus Christ and chosen by Jesus Christ. That is like a sure anchor at such times.

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