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How to Get to the Astral Plane – 3 Completely Different Answers

In answer to your how to get to the astral plane question, I have to give three distinct answers. And in fact, a fourth response technically could be ‘You are already in the astral plane’.

Adam And Eve – The First Man And Woman

It is amazing to think that neither Adam nor Eve had a childhood. In this they were unique, being created by God and unlike their posterity who were all, without exception, born into the world. Adam and Eve came into this world by creation; every other human being has come into the world by generation.

David And Goliath – The Unforgettable Victory

On either side of the valley of Elah, stood two opposing armies; the Israelites and the Philistines. The battle had not commenced as the Philistines had a great champion, a man of gargantuan stature who thundered every day for Israel to produce a man brave enough to challenge him. If the Israelite won, the Philistines would become Israel’s slaves but if the opposite was the case, then the Israelites would become slaves to the Philistines.

Easy Astral Projection – Three Simple Steps To A Pleasurable Astral Projecting Trip

Remember the feeling of going over the top on a roller-coaster ride, when for an instant the law of gravity is put into suspension? That thrilling sensation is somewhat akin to what the ultimate freedom of astral projection feels like.

Intellectualism and God: Will Your Belief Matter?

Many a times the prejudices that we hold do not allow us to appreciate the new viewpoint being presented to us. So, we look for excuses to weaken the argument being analyzed for us. The Pharisees constituted political authority in Israel in their days. History shows that what we believe in is irrelevant, especially if we cannot discredit historical records. Whatever God has decreed will materialize in its own time.

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