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Metaphysical Energy Channels and Networks

This article discusses the existence of energy channels and networks. Energy channels conduct the flow of the vital or universal life force. Energy channels make up a massive network that brings life to the universe. Without these networks creation would vanish.

Prayer to Bear in Temptation

Under many things we cannot bear. There are very many temptations that each of us may be predisposed to falling into. Moral weakness is the human trait. This is why Jesus included such a concern in his Lord’s Prayer…

How to Open the Third-Eye

There are many different techniques when it comes to opening your third eye. A couple of the most common ways is in meditation. First things first you are going to want to sit in a comfortable potion and pretty much try to daydream. So you want to focus on that the peaceful place in your mind. It will take some time to find that place it may not come with the first try but it will happen if you stay focused and relaxed.

Daniel In The Lions’ Den

How often as children we were thrilled to think of the unflinching courage of Daniel in the lions’ den as he was lowered in. It seemed that death was inevitable and in moments he would be torn limb from limb by those ferocious beasts. He should never have been there and the king who authorised the casting of Daniel into the lions’ den, himself could not sleep that night; his conscience was troubled as he knew that faithful Daniel should never have been so treated.

What Was God Thinking?

What was God thinking when he created us? God, who is able to see past, present and future at the same time, must have had a plan. Oh yes, God had a plan.

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