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Perfection NOT Required!

For some reason, we have been programmed to believe that we have to earn God’s love rather than simply accept the fact that He wants to give it to us. We do not need to be perfect before He will smile upon us.

Love Equals God

We’ve all heard that Love is God, which is true, but it’s so general that makes it hard to understand sometimes. Since there are so many different types of love or interpretations of it, let’s shed some light on the subject in order to have a better understanding of why Love is God.

What Is a Christian? Are You a Christian? Why Christianity Matters!

Is a Christian simply someone who believes there is a God? What is a Christian? Is a Christian simply someone who was born in a Christian Nation?

Characters – Change Is Inevitable For Improvement

Winning in life involves God and maintaining your victory is still a product of His help. Therefore, never get to a level in life where you feel that you have arrived and longer need His help. “

The Astral Bodies Cannot Exist In a Non-Astral Plane – Can One Astral Travel There Anyways?

Walking down the street, you will not see astral travelers popping up into sight but yet astral travelers claim to be able to visit the physical world. How is this seeming paradox possible? Coming back to the physical world is a great astral destination.

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