Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 547?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 547 😬

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The Triangle of Discipleship: Self-Denial, Self-Sacrifice, Self-Control

There are not many people who delightfully pursue self-denial, self-sacrifice or self-control. We prefer pleasure, security and comfort. Graciously, sometimes our relationships and circumstances provide pleasure, security and comfort to us.

Your Moment With Destiny

“A fool says in his heart that there is no God.” (Psalm 53:1) These are words written by King Solomon, known to be the wisest man on the Earth. The scripture continues, “They are corrupt and have done abominable iniquity.” A silly or stupid person constitutes being a fool. So King Solomon, the wisest man there was believed in God, and he also believed that those who didn’t were fools.

How to Access God’s “Exceedingly Abundantly Above”

God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine. The question is: how do we access this abundance? The key is knowing how to tap into His power and activate His provision.

Money and Spirituality: 5 Myths

Our findings may surprise you because they contrast with widely held “Eastern mysticism” ideals (misinterpretations). Below we dismantle 5 myths related to money and spirituality.

Stop Where You Are and Start Moving Forward – Or How Busy-Ness Is Blocking You From Real Progress

Very often we confuse personal progress with pursuit of outer activities. Too much busy-ness in our lives in search of happiness or peace actually pushes away what we are looking for. Collapse time, and be in the now, stop the driving noise in your being, enter your inner world. Be still. Meditate.

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