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Forbidden Knowledge and Esoteric Secrets: Part III

What is meant by the Greater Mysteries in these mystery schools? Where do the real esoteric realities lie? In books, scriptures, dogmas? How deep must we delve to find the truth. And is the tool of meditation the real key to truth?

Being Open

Being Open requires the attainment of Openness. The attribute of being Open requires the attainment of an open Heart, an open Mind & an open Soul. Being Open is a state of being that is never closed to opportunity & possibility.

Mercy and Wrath: Two Aspects of Spirituality

Developing a healthy spirituality involves understanding both the mercy and the wrath of God. Though we tend to focus on one or the other, depending on our personalities and religious backgrounds, both are actually needed to fully comprehend why God works the way He does.

Playing Consciousness

I happen to enjoy foggy days every once in a while. There’s a sense of the world turning inward, veiling itself so that only the most immediate can be seen. It’s a different perspective than my usual wish to stretch the eye as far as it can see to find out what’s over the next horizon.

Tips to Achieve Automatic Writing

Start each session of automatic writing with the lines “My higher self” or the words “My Angels” or “My spirit guides” as your first line: You can also call upon the spirits if that suits you. You need to be clear as to who’s input it is that you are looking for, as this will help you in creating intent to hear from that specific being.

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