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It Is Not In Vain

Your boss if you’re not self-employed can make mouthful promises to you about a fantastic bonus program that the company has, but after you’ve worked your tail off, the reward is so meager to be believable. That’s the worldly system, but if you work for the Lord, it’s not in vain. The world system is corrupted; it isn’t always what is promised that you’ll receive because of all the other detail factors associated with the promises. This article seeks to establish the grounds that despite how things may appear, working for the Lord attracts amazing rewards.

Stand In Your Truth With Heart and Soul

Are you aware of what your truth, your Inner-Spirit Truth is? It is about accepting who you are and having the courage to speak your truth to yourself. Be willing to rise to the next level and the next and the next. Be willing to flow with Divine Energy instead of against it.

Finding the Highest Purpose

Have you pondered why you are here? Do you think about your purpose in life and where your journey is leading? Are you on the path you want to be? Here is an enlightened perspective that may assist in answering these questions.

Back to Basics 1 – The Meaning of Life and Other Assorted Trivia

Welcome to a three part series of articles on enlightenment I hope you enjoy them. Part one is called the meaning of life and other assorted trivia and basically takes you on a journey of awakening through self knowledge to hopefully find your balance with both your self and the universe.

Random Thoughts on Prayer

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘prayer’? At its most basic, prayer is simply talking to God. He is also described as a father so you can also think of it as talking to your dad.

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