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You: A Self-Contained Village

I know: your entire life you have been searching for solutions. You bought that fancy car to make your neighbor’s envious of your creature comforts. You graduated from an ivy league university and have acquired a fancy label. Now, you are known as a President or CEO or MD. You have a fancy salary and expensive tastes. You can afford to buy things that others can only dream about. When you walk down the isle, people talk in hushed whispers about you. To them, you are an over-achiever: you are living the dream.

On Forgiving and Retaining Sins

This article suggests another perspective on John 20:23, “If you forgive anyone their sins, they are forgiven; if you retain their sins, they are retained.” Often thought that this was giving power to withhold forgiveness, it was actually offering us another way to heal them.

Do You Know What The Most Important Day Of The Year Is In God’s Eyes?

There is one day that is more important than all others. It is not a day that most people observe, yet it is the only day that Jesus asked to remember. Do you know what day it is, why it is so important and how that day affects every single person on the face of this earth? The answers may surprise you.

Whisper Of Life

This poem is about the still, silent voice within. Our lives are filled with noise, so we don’t always tap into the infinite potential that is always available to us. If we would only learn how to listen to our selves.

Create The Best Possible Life For Yourself

What can you do to create the best possible life for yourself? You cannot create a life that is completely stress and worry free because you live on planet earth in the third dimension, where challenges happen. Each of us faces challenges every day.

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