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How Can I Please God?

People are going to great extremes trying to please God, shouldn’t the one whom is to be pleased set the standard on how this is done? Some of you might have been doing it unconsciously, but doing this intentionally is what God requires of us; let’s see what it is God is looking for from us.

Needing Nothing But God

When we want, need and have nothing but God, our lives finally agree and desire is quenched. That, of course, is the theory. Shelving our desire is much harder, and it’s only sustainability achieved when we learn to surrender to the Spirit of God in our moments of temptation…

Faith – The Invisible!

What (if I may ask) made the wall of Jericho, Goliath the giant, the Red Sea, the Egyptians etc disappear? It is faith in, plus action on God’s word! The invisible and unseen but spoken Word of God took them out of the way!

To Find Yourself You Must Lose Your Words

When one experiences how to be in a dynamic, creative and conscious relationship with each present moment, there is an automatic new seating of consciousness from the authenticity of Self as witness. This is an awareness realization that is over and above the ego understanding of self or static identifications of form (which have their good and right places in life – just not here, in matters of insight, breakthrough, and the conscious shift of awareness that sets us free).

Angel Courses – What Can You Expect in an Angel Course?

Ever wondered what an Angel Course could do for you? This article gives you an idea of the different types of Angel Course available, what you can expect to learn about on one and why one will help to improve your life.

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