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Hell Is the Default – Not Heaven, My Friend!

Therefore, if the gate to heaven were so narrow compared to the gate into hell, which is rather very wide; it stands to reason that hell is more popular, easier and fashionable than access to heaven. This makes hell the default, and not the alternative (Matt. 7:13-14). No one is reporting first in heaven only to be booted out to hell, or beyond hell as some will like to joke (1 John 5:10-13).

From Grace to Grass for Grace: Unique Sacrifice!

We must not forget that he chose to come to save us, he was not forced. He volunteered to come and save us from grips of Satan. The fullness of his ministration as evidenced in the Holy Spirit is unimaginable. I just think it should ‘glory be to God’ for giving us this reason for the season.

David and Goliath: The Invisible Battle Within

Just about everyone knows the story of David and Goliath. I will never forget the first time I heard it. I was probably eight or nine years old. Afterwards, I peered up at the ceiling at the bottom of the stairwell and tried to imagine myself confronting such a gargantuan. It would have been scary to say the least. But many years later I heard a sermon that got me wondering why Goliath got so much attention. The preacher had personally watched a lion drag a fully grown cow over a high fence like it was child’s play. He then talked about how awesome it was for David to have killed such a beast as a boy protecting his father’s sheep. And then it struck me: David killing the lion is much more impressive than David killing Goliath! So I couldn’t help but wonder, what’s so important about David killing Goliath?

Community Within The Individual

It is a well-known fact that children bear strong resemblances to their parents – but they are not their parents. No offspring is exactly like either of its parents because the child is a combination. Children exhibit a blending of both parents, a mixture of both their natures. The beginning of an individual and the origin of his personality goes back so far in the genealogy that it becomes a mystery. There is a bundle of unlimited possibilities in every individual.

Take Charge of Your Energy

To be able to help yourself heal you need to know how to take charge of your energy (aura) to help you improve the circumstances of your health and well-being, and also to empower your life. We all have an energy field with a spiritual anatomy and to find out more about ‘who we really are’ will certainly help to empower us.

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