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The Muslim Name for God We Most Need to Know

Of all the 99 names of God, the Muslim name for God we most need is Al-Ghaffar, the Forgiver. Knowing my own fallen nature, and the fallen nature of all natural men, I think this is an obvious observation. Who among us is not in need of forgiveness? Actually, there was one, but more on that later. This Muslim name for God stands out prominently as one reads the Quran.

Let the Power of God’s Angels Bless Your Life In All Ways

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Don’t Be So Afraid – Written to Religious Folks!

Certain words and phrases like “magic, mystical, meditation, the stars, evolution, karate (due to the meditation involved), yoga (same reason as karate) — are taboo to certain Christians — and yet, we claim to love God’s Word. Joshua 1:8 states, “meditate on the law, day and night.” To meditate on something is simply to think upon it.

The War Between Spirit and Flesh

The war between flesh and Spirit is tantalising in the believer. We live in a battle between two worlds every day. Our living for Christ is a great threat to the flesh, which Satan desires to own. But the indwelling Spirit will win the ultimate battles per our timely surrender. In this, as our Saviour was, we’re raised – each time, to new life.

My Favorite of All the Muslim Names of God

I often speak of a comparative study I did of the Muslim names of God and the names of God used in the Bible. Not surprisingly, the names of God used by Christians have much in common with those used by Muslims. I enjoyed the entire study and learned a lot, but I did develop a list of favorites…

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