Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 5555? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 5555 😬

Do You Want to See the Power of God in Your Life?

If God is for real, and loves us, where is His hand in our daily life? As believers, what can we do – what should we be doing – to enable His grace to work through us? There is an old but neglected combination that is spiritual dynamite… This double whammy is recommended by Jesus himself.

The Power of Prayer in Saving an Ailing Marriage

If you and your husband believe in God and trust in prayer, then you have a powerful tool at your disposal which will help you strengthen your marriage and stop divorce from happening in your lives. God wants you to have a solid, lasting marriage filled with love. To that end, there are countless passages in the Bible which give you advice for developing the kind of union that centers around God instead of self. Even then, married life will have its ups and downs, and that’s when you especially need the power of prayer.

Love of Self

Your attitude toward yourself is the first and the most important place to plant the seeds of love, for if you will not deal lovingly with yourself, you will stumble in all your other love relationships even if you repress the pain of not cherishing yourself. The state of your love of self is also a good measure of your spiritual maturity and your emotional health. It says much about your intentions regarding your own psychological and temporal future. What do you intend to enjoy and achieve in the future? How much of your potential are you going to invest in yourself? What are the good things of earth life that you expect to create for yourself and your loved ones? How much do you intend to contribute to others in the world around you?

The Gift of Salvation

What is the gift of salvation? Why do you need to forgive to receive it?

Have I Lived Before? (My Answer MAY Surprise You!)

Have I lived before? Is this life just a temporary stop in the spiritual journey of my soul? Or, is the idea of past lives, psychic readings and reincarnation all a bunch of new age nonsense NOT worth paying attention to at all? The simple truth is that there is a lot more evidence for past lives than most people know, and believe it or not, it’s NOT the silly stuff you’ll often see on day time TV, either.

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