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The Cornerstone of the Islamic View of God

The Islamic view of God has a lot in common with the Christian view of God. I’ve found that in communicating Allah’s Gospel to Arab Muslims I always keep the fundamentals of the Islamic view of God in the forefront of my mind. I do this not out of fear of offending Muslims, but because I know that much of this Islamic view of God is central to the Christian view of God as well.

Two Common Names and Attributes of Allah

I’ve studied the names and attributes of Allah extensively. My aim is to utilize them in inter-faith dialogue with Muslims, which I engage in regularly. These names of God quickly establish common ground between Muslims and Christians and can make Muslim evangelism simpler. Two common names and attributes of Allah that are ripe with the truths of the Bible are Al-Qadir, which speaks of Allah’s omnipotence; and Al-Hayy, which speaks of His eternal nature.

Tennis With Dad (Proverbs 23:7)

We spoke for greater than an hour and played for less than twenty minutes. He reiterated a point that he expressed two weeks prior, that my mistakes don’t define me. He explained that as long as I keep staring at them thinking that they do, they will.

Is Jesus the Son of God?

Is Jesus the Son of God? Really? A common question that I hear at least once every week is this one. Many Muslims believe that Christians hold to the doctrine that God somehow had natural, intimate relations with Mary, and that she thus became pregnant with Jesus. For this reason, they vehemently proclaim that Jesus is not the son of God…

The Most Obvious Muslim Name for God

What is the most obvious Muslim name for God? What name comes to mind? Most people quickly describe God as the creator. This is such an obvious name for God, and one which is shared by Jews and Christians as well. “In the beginning God created…” (Gen. 1:1) This is the opening verse in the Bible and a great starting point for inter-faith dialogue with Muslims.

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