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Heavenly Father, Try the Reins of My Heart

How is YOUR heart? How many times have we said, “God knows my heart”? Before we make this statement, do we really ponder that, in fact, God does know our heart. He said it is desperately wicked above all things; yet, He alone can tame it. The power of the Holy Spirit through God’s Word can penetrate and change our heart.

Chosen, Appointed, Commanded to Love

Friends of Jesus are chosen, appointed, even commanded to love. Since friendship is extended to all humanity, we must simply accept our role. That is to love one another as God loves us.

Forbidden Knowledge and Esoteric Secrets: Part I

Secret societies have withheld their deeper secrets for thousands of years, and today many of them continue to withhold them from the public. Why is this? What are they afraid of? What are they hiding? And what secrets do they conceal?

Why Do Christians Need Leaders?

If you find a rotten apple in the packet that you bought from the supermarket, it would not be sufficient cause to start an international petition against apple trees. Similarly, the one or two corrupted Christian leaders that you heard of cannot be sufficient reason to want to banish all leaders.

The Most Important Muslim Name for God

Of all the 99 Beautiful names, what is the most important Muslim name for God? I have my own personal favorites, and everyone has an opinionated answer to this question. What would you say? In my humble opinion, Al-Quddus, the Pure One is by far, the most important Muslim name for God. As an advocate of inter-faith dialogue, having logged countless hours discussing God and religion with Arab Muslims, I have found that if a man can understand this name of God he’s not far from the Kingdom of God.

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