Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 558?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 558 😬

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When We Die, Will We Meet God And Know All Knowledge?

This article explains what to expect after the death experience. It explains how you will retain all previous knowledge, emotional and intuitional qualities and all personality traits. I also explain whether you will actually meet God after death.

The Open Check: Given By Christ To You

Do you know that there’s an open check with your name on it? Instinctively you may know it, but if you know the power of this open check, and you capitalize on it, your life will never be the same.

The Second Muslim Name for God

The second Muslim name for God is as important as the 99th; however, a quick study of the name uncovers an interesting connection to a Biblical name of God One highly esteemed Muslim name for God is Al-Rahman. This is one name of God used in the Muslim Shihada (confession of faith)…

A Muslim Name for God That Is Only for Believers?

Is there a Muslim name for God that’s only reserved for true believers? This name for God is very similar to Al-Rahman, but some would teach that the benefits of this name apply only to Muslims. Let us see whether or not this is true. As we study this Muslim name for God and the names of God found in the Bible we can find common ground and the truth.

Why Do Christians Need Leaders Part 2

This is the follow up on the article: Why do Christians need leaders?( Part 1). We take an in depth look at the resistance that is developing against leadership within Christians groups.

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