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The Higher Service

Duty is a task that you must accomplish; it is a requirement of the situation and something which many people can do. For example, if you are a baker you must come to work on time, complete your work and act responsibly to customers and co-workers. These are some of the general duties of a baker.

I Wanted To Be Special

Ever wonder why life seems so arbitrary; that just when you have achieved your goal, the satisfaction soon disappears? Is that which is called God, or Higher Power or Higher Self playing a cruel game with us? That just when we think we have it ‘made’ we find we are aging or that we have become seriously ill or have a serious accident. This is one answer that may make sense to you and perhaps you may see life differently.

When Sorrow Will Turn to Joy

We may have sorrow now, but joy is inevitably to follow. Preceding a new life is the pain of childbirth. When a mother enjoys sight of her baby the pain is quickly forgotten. We too will soon roll past this difficult life into incontestable joy.

The Muslim View of God As Shaped by the Holy Books

The Muslim view of God is a result of a Muslim’s view of the holy books of Allah. This is both good news and bad news. Notice, I did not say the Islamic view of God, but the Muslim view of God. There’s often a profound difference between the two.

Christian Leaders, What Are You Doing? (Part 2)

If there is one question that you can be sure will deliver a wide variety of answers, it is, “What do you think of the condition of the church?” When asked about the condition of the church, most Christians tend to give an answer according to their own standards and perceptions. Very few however, will remember that the church is the body of Christ, and can only be judged against the standards of the word of God, the Bible.

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