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Understanding Miracles

Miracles What is a miracle? What does it look like? Is it always wondrous? Or perhaps mundane? Is it possible to be missed? Or perhaps not even accepted?

The Ability to Find Balance

Are you having a tough time finding the right balance in your life? Do find yourself running and running and never finding the time for yourself? We live in an action-oriented world! “Doing” is a part of our everyday life. We find ourselves running to and fro and we are never really able to find any sense of balance in our lives. Here is some helpful thing you can do to find that “Balance” in your life.

Is It Laziness Or Fear?

Ways to recognise if what stops you from achieving your dreams is actually laziness of fear. Many times fear is disguised as laziness and this article shows you how to overcome procrastination, and just get things done!

Love Is Money, Money Is Love

An insightful article that shows you the link between money, abundance, love and energy. They are one and the same. So when you lack money, you really lack love. And when you lack love, you lack money. A real eye opener!

The Numbers Add Up: Significance Of Numerology In Love

Numerology can help you determine if the relationships you have or are considering is compatible with your goals, needs and desires. Love numbers in numerology are derived from calculating our life path numbers. There are complex calculators that have been created to compare the birth dates of our potential and current mates but the mathematics are far too complex.

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