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Alzheimer’s Disease and the Link to the Hidden Universe

This article discusses a metaphysical theory known as straddling which explains the mystery of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a time learning and introspection for the affected individual. The consciousness of this person slowly migrates to the other side, as an exploration of alien worlds is undertaken. Consciousness on this side is limited and gives us the impression of a lifeless being.

The Inner War: Conquest of Self

Sufis have long held that the inner war – Jihad, the fight between a traveler’s higher and lower nature is a moment by moment struggle. Those who are somehow able to turn toward their higher self and use in daily life their access to spiritual awareness are on the road to enlightenment.

The Simple Path to Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening does not have to be complicated. Here are very simple and fool proof instructions to give you the experience of divine bliss and how to allow that bliss to lead you to spiritual awakening.

The Greatest Muslim Name for God

Perhaps the greatest Muslim name for God is Al-Mutakabbir, meaning God is the greatest. We’ve all heard the Muslim call to prayer which begins with “Allah akbar”. In English this is translated “God is the greatest.” Surely none would argue with this. If anyone is the greatest, it is Almighty God. This Muslim name for God sums up many of God’s attributes nicely.

Allah Is the Same As God

Allah is the same as God. Islam’s 99 beautiful names of Allah portray many attributes of God which are common to both Muslims and Christians. As I studied each name I simply looked at what the Quran teaches about the name, and then looked at the Christian view of the name according to the Bible. What I found was that Allah, worshipped by the Muslims, is the same as God, worshipped by Christians.

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