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The Real Zombies

This article explores an unusual theory that declares zombies live among us. The author calls them “extras.” Extras exist in the back drop. They are people with whom we have no ties or contact. They are the strangers we see everyday as we drive to work. Extras are designed to fill in the details and make life appear normal.

Have You Seen A Giant Squid Lately?

None of the grandmasters has ever caught a giant squid before. Don’t get me wrong – they are believers of the previous existence of giant squids. However, they do not believe that there are any more giant squids in the oceans. How did they know that? They had gone to the oceans to hunt for giant squids but without any results. They have the most modern boats and ships. They have the latest hunting equipments. They have lots of money to buy anything they need for deep-sea hunting. The only problem is that they have not encountered any living giant squids in the deep oceans.

Creating the New Day

This article examines a theory in which humans create the new day while sleeping. The future is considered empty until we build it. The major events we are involved in throughout the day are the result of a process called “plotting.” This activity takes place before we begin our day. Our consciousness is thought to examine the previous day’s events and create an outline for the course of our new day. This all happens on an etheric level.

Judah, Brother of Joseph

The character of Judah is interestingly portrayed in the bible with a certain intimacy, making him a very human and relatable character. Even though he is not a major player in every scene, the places where he is included are significant to the relational element of the story as a whole. Judah’s personality is complex, and he struggles between the desires of the flesh, and his desire to do right before God and man.

Increase, Increase!

In this day of escalating prices, out of control debt, and worldwide insecurity, is there anything that we can count on to grow in a positive direction? Actually there are two things that we can have absolute assurance will keep on growing and growing.

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