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He Could Have Called How Many?

In the Biblical account of Christ’s arrest and crucifixion, He told the disciples not to fight, but “to put away” their swords. Why, was Jesus afraid He and His followers would be outmatched? The answer is certainly clear when we consider how many angels He could have summoned. To the Roman soldier, the term ‘Legion’ was a classification of a large group of soldiers. Christ could have called a dozen of them…

God Atom And Science

When we begin to acknowledge the illusory quality of our separate realities, we move towards an awareness of life’s oneness. When we see something as an illusion, we feel the desire to lift the veil and discover how things really are. The human being may be the only life form in the evolutionary scale that feels separate, and therefore moved to work through that evolution, and the ego makes it possible and necessary.

Covenant Partners

Only committed covenant partners who have taken the oath of allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ can survive the thrust of wickedness in our society. Any divine covenant always requires separation unto godly standards and demands. Abraham was call out from his kindred into a covenant of blessing and righteousness. We live in a world that’s filled with truce-breakers, liars, dishonesty, broken marriages, disintegrated families and all sorts of abhorrence practices. Unfortunately this isn’t common in the world only, but has found its way into the churches.

Angels – Ohrmazd Will Help You Release Limitation

As you seek to be shown the way before you, allow Angel Ohrmazd to help you see the light in all that is now behind you and all that is before you. Freedom of choice and the freedom to move forward are gifts to be treasured and used wisely.

How a Misplaced “I” Can Lead to a Frustrating Experience

Earlier this week I had to fly to Chicago from southern California. Our college was in the last step to receiving a reaffirmation of our accreditation. One of my two colleagues who travelled with me had graciously offered to make all the arrangements. When I received my boarding pass, I realized that this colleague had inadvertently spelled my name wrong so that it would not match anything I could use for identification. It was a small mistake-a misplaced “I”-but it was enough to cause problems.

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