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Angelic Dimensions of Love

The dominant force in your world, do you know what it is? I’ll give you a hint, it’s whatever you are focusing on most of the time. You can choose to focus on the love within and around you, on the good, the beautiful.

Being Positive: What Does That Mean?

“Just be positive!” We hear that a lot these days. But what does that really mean? Is it worth it to be positive?

The Case and Cure for Incomplete Deliverance

Many deliverance ministrations end in failure or partial result because of some demons or evil spiritual forces which are difficult to dislodge. Even with constant prayers, fasting and all night prayers with praise and worship. These demons mock and make fun of your deliverance and warfare prayers even in the face of bleeding the blood of Jesus and using the authority in the name. Calling the fire of the Holy Ghost has little effect on them–at least initially. You need persistent, long and targeted prayers to kick out these demons eventually. This is if you are doing self-deliverance. Otherwise you need additional help from a gospel minister who is experienced in deliverance and operate in a higher dimension of grace to dislodge these kinds of demons. Demons are powerless in the face of God’s superior armor, but you have to be persistent as they sense hesitation, doubt and unbelief. They know human nature and want to see if you mean what you are commanding before they leave eventually. Jesus Christ is the ultimate deliverer. Glory to God!

Principles and Practice of Self-Deliverance Ministration

There’s always a principle for the basics and bases of spiritual warfare and deliverance realization. The revelation knowledge behind the deliverance practice is necessary to keep and maintain your deliverance. The mind is a pattern recognition organ and wants some established truths to work with people the deliverance sticks. The discourse in this articles outlines the strategic thinking and tactical planning which forms the bedrock for engaging in spiritual battle and achieving complete deliverance.

Those Now Raised Are Free

When we’re raised in Christ, redeemed from death to sin, freed from the yoke of slavery, we’re saved forever more. There’s no need to look back. Instead we enjoy this copiously abundant open life. We enjoy it with God’s blessing.

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